Your Super Summer Bucket List

Posted by Lanny Williams on June 1, 2021

Summer is finally here and I’m ready to start celebrating. To make sure I get in all the things I wanna do this summer I made a bucket list to make sure I don’t miss anything. Since I figured you were just as excited about summer as I am, I figured I would share my bucket list just in case you need some inspiration.

Take A Road Trip—Who doesn’t wanna travel this summer? But instead of hopping on a plane, this year I wanna set out for the open road on a good ol’ fashioned road trip.

Go Camping—There’s no better way to connect with nature than camping. Build a fire, make s’mores, sleep in a tent and most of all relax.

Have A Barbeque—Nothing says summer more than grilling up some good foods and enjoying some good weather. Just make sure you have enough to eat!

Make Popsicles—Skip trying to track down the ice-cream truck and make your own popsicles this summer. They’re a sweet way to stay cool when it’s hot out.

See A Drive-In Movie—Nothing feels more nostalgic than seeing a movie under the stars. Plus, the best part about drive-in movie theaters is that you get to pack your snacks!

Build A Sandcastle—I could’ve said “Go To The Beach” but honestly, what’s a beach visit without a little beachfront construction?

Plant Flowers—My summer bucket list is full of adventure and good food, but sometimes you gotta stop to smell the roses—or should I say plant them.

Well, I hope my bucket list inspires you to have some fun this summer. Be sure to add your own ideas if there’s anything you wanna do before school’s back in session!

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